Thursday, 21 May 2009

Update on the Nanny Scam


We have traced an example of a fraudulent advert placed on a job-placement website. This is just one of many sites that these people are using.
Do not answer this add; it's a fraud - read previous posts.
The text follows. Regards / Max Travel.


Date: Tuesday, April 28, 2009
Category: Jobs Offered
Region: Cebu City
Description: I'm looking for a Au pair or Nanny from Any Country that can speak English and is willing to stay with me for a minimum of 7years to look after my little son,Having English as a first language is not required and in fact, we would entertain the nanny speaking to him in her own mother-tongue. i need someone who can always be arround him, someone i can trust and a God fearing person. Im in need of a nanny/ aupair very urgent cos my job take almost all my day. You will be living with us here in London and you will have your private room which will have bathroom, toilet, television, airconditional. You will have access to the internet and the telephone at home to get in touch with your friends, Family and loved ones. You will be having Fridays,Saturdays and Sundays as your off days, so you can have enough time for yourself.I will be happy if you can arrive in my Family ASAP. Im ready to pay £450pounds per week after sixmounth i will increase the payment to 600pounds weekly to any interested person. Urgent respond needed.
Mr. Mouries

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Nanny Scam

Please note that our company identity is being used by certain persons to steal arrangement fees for UK visas and travel. Our company registration details are being used. We have absolutely nothing to do with this and strongly advise you to contact us via this group should you have any concerns. Here is an example of an email that pertains to be ligitimate; it is not. The email comes from "" which has nothing to do with us.

Here is a text of the email scam:

"Max Travel Managment wishes to thank you for contacting us regarding the arrangement of your traveling documents to the London once again. We promise to Offer you the best which you will be glad you did. It was Indicated in your e-mail that you have been told by your Host Family "Mr. Grave Mouries" who asked you to contact us. We promise never to disappoint you as we have never disappointed him either. We would request that you provide us with the following so that the documentation will start immediately. We would get your flight ticket, medical insurance, tax clearance, work permit and other documents within 3 days as soon as we receive these informations from you .
- Full Name
-Mailing Address
-Phone Number
-Passport Photo page
-BHC {British High Commission} Address In your Location (If available)
-A Total of 400 Pounds payable to our cash office so as to enable us process the necessary Documents for the insurance for you to Travel down here to UK, Flight ticket and all other necessary documents as well.
All Documents will be processed and arranged here in our Office after which will be forwarded to the British High Commission for verification. Also, some Copies of this Document(s) will also be sent to you. We will like you to get back to us as soon as possible.
We will begin in earnest once we receive all necessary Details.
Our company address below.
In anticipation of your response
Yours Faithfully,
Mr William Barfield..
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Do not respond!!!

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Fraud in the Travel Business

To all travel agencies =
Do not take any orders for airline tickets from persons pretending to belong to the Max Travel organisation and sending emails from or other yahoo / hotmail and similar addresses.

This person is calling himself Daniel Robert and he does not work for Max Travel Ltd. This person is requesting flights to and from African locations and is using stolen credit card details.



Max Travel Ltd