Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Steps to take if you have been caught by the Nanny Scam

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Thanks for getting back to me.


I’m sorry to hear that you have paid them money and I doubt that you will ever hear from them again. However, I think you can act in a positive way to try and get your money back although it may take time.


The first thing you should do is to quickly go to your local police station with copies of all emails and payment details and lodge a formal fraud event with them. There is probably not much they can do but unless this is registered with them (same thing as if your passport was stolen) they will for sure get away with this.


Once registered with the police and you have a Case or Reference Number of some kind, contact the company through which you have paid the money. This is probably Western Union? If this was a local office, report the police reference to them and lodge a formal request to be reimbursed; again, try to get a reference number.


Once you have done both these things, please contact me again with this information as I have contacts in London with the Western Union fraud department. (If the payment company is different I will contact their fraud department). This is important because when I contacted them before about this they said that unless I could present a specific event of financial theft, there was nothing they could do. I will also need to know all account details and names that these crooks gave you as well as their email correspondence between them and you.


As I said, this may take time and patience but in the long run, with your help and my contacts, we may be able to persuade the payment company to reimburse you and if possible close these people’s accounts.


And lastly, if you have any friends who are in a similar position, please warn them. One way to do this is to write a comment via my blog on this subject.


I hope this has been useful and look forward to hearing from you soon.


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